These low res movies are for clients
I filmed and edited for, Click for


1. Statue of Liberty
(Light Show)

2. Shea Stadium
(with Bob Mcgrath of Sesame street and Songs of Love)

3. Grandma's Kitchen

4. Nine West / LEI


5. Superman
(Christopher Reeve Foundation)

6. Israeli Independence Day
Celebration @ Capitale - Dor Chadash

7. SoHo Dance Studio

8. Finlandia
(we also did Heineken, Hennessy,
Jack Daniels & Grand Marnier
promo nights & videos)

9. SoHo Grand Hotel
(fashion show for Habitual, we also have done Tribeca Grand Hotel)

10. Robbi K & Friends
(she does childrens shows, sang with Aretha, Cindy Lauper & Rod Stewart
this video has Bowser of Shanana)

11. WKTU
(10th Anniversay party at Copacabana)

I have also worked for MTV/VH1 ‘s show "Sound Affects"
and was the official videographer for Limelight (Zenwarp)
as well as art director and videographer for Webster Hall

We also have 4 projectors and can do live feed, 1 - 4 camera videography & photography
We can put anything you have to video

We Shoot in HD and SD


Denny@Shea & Steve's Apt