60 East 8th Street Apt 12P NYC, NY 10003
Tel/cell: 212.274.8757
www.dennydaniel.com SoLaceX@aol.com


Expert on Macintosh OS and Windows OS for over 11 years.

Final Cut Pro, Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Flash, Avid, After Effects, Media Cleaner Pro, Sound Track Pro, Sound
Edit 16, Sound Jam, Acrobate, Quark, Lino 5, Illustrator, Microsoft WORD, Wordperfect, Powerpoint.


5 cameras - 3 Sony PRO HD cameras 2 Sony SD 3 chip cameras, all pro mics and lavalier mic and lighting, 3 projectors, 2 Nikons - 1 Digital 1 Professional Analog, Mac laptop and desktop with all software needed, 1 sony vaio laptop, Large format art printer, every format of tape transfer from beta SP & Super 8.to Mini DV- Pal & NTSC (U.S.).
2005-Present Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island
Training employees/ Photo Retouch / Web Updates and Videography
Train employees in photoshop and printing, create instruction booklet
for production and help run production. web updates and videography of events.
2001-2004 .Videographer & visuals at Webster Hall, and art director hosting art shows during 2002.
2000-2001 Assistant Videographer for “Sound Effects” VH1/MTV & my own show on Manhattan Cable Sat nights.
1999-2001 Videographer & Visuals at Limelight in the HR Giger Room Zenwarp & the main stage for special events. Giger (the artist for Aliens) requested my work for his museum
2001 Winner Best Visual Short NY Independent Film & Video Festival LA & NYC
(show at Madison Squ Garden)

Videographer & visuals for many events at CBGB’s Gallery & main club, Limelight, Radio City Music Hall, Tavern on the Green, Belmont Racetrack, The Rainbow Room, Shea Stadium, Capitale, China Club, Le Bar Bat, Don Hills, The Tribeca Grand & Soho Grand Hotel, Crash Mansion, Lunatarium, The Roxy, Lit Gallery, Lot 61, Shine, Batcave, Luxx, Pseudo .com
Boston: The Middle East, Axis, Avalone, TT The Bear, The Haven Philadelphia: Trocedero, Pontiac, The Grape Street, The Middle East.

Videographer & visuals for many performers: The Fixx, The Alarm, Berlin, Glen Tillbrook of Squeeze, Ted Mason of Modern English, Jesus Jones, Nina Hagen, HR Giger, KMFDM, Thrill Kill Kult, Cindy Lauper, many new excellent acts: St Eve, Apoptygma Berserk, VNV Nation, Otto’s Daughter, All The Pretty Horses, Car Fax Abby, Queen V, Lourds, Sex Slaves, Incus and many more.

Video/Radio Interviews for many performers: The Fixx, The Alarm, Berlin, The Dead Kennedy's, Keyboard Magazine – Dream Theater & The Beastie Boys, Ted Mason of Modern English, Dead Can Dance, En Esch of KMFDM, VNV Nation, New Model Army, The Church, David Broza, Idan Raichel, Habanot Nechama, Leon Redbone, Rachel Sage, and many many more.

Gallery Shows The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Ward Nasse (soho&Chelsea), Monique Goldstrom Gallery(soho), Chelsea Art Museum, Grant Gallery (Soho), Gayle Willson Gallery 43 Job's Lane Southampton NY.
Lectures Columbia University 2001 & 2002 on my videos, NYU 2001 on Photo retouch & video. SVA 2002 Video production & retouch.
Off-Broadway & Fashion Jekyll & Hyde, Carousel, Music Man, Jeremy Scott design, Habitual fashion, Lui Antinous fashion, Tony & Alex, The Baroness.
1998 to Present Freelance Clients - Extensive Quark,Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Final Cut Pro

WebMaster Clients: Songsoflove, NYCgifts, Limelight(Zenwarp), HandtoMouth, Bottomfeeders, PropagandaMagazine.
Quark/PhotoRetouch: New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Songs of Love, WHERE Magazine, The Bon Ton,
    Propaganda & Seconds. Many cover photos. Also work with the Tango Drum Scanner Using Lino 6.

Fall 2000 New York University Assistant Teacher /"Multi Media for the World Wide Web".
Teaching & correcting student work. Flash, Photoshop,Image Ready, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Director, Illustrator.
1998 to 1999 WOW Digital Color 520 Broadway, Soho Digital Scanning / Color Correction / Retouch
High Resolution scanning, color correcting/ matching, Silhouetting for Iris printing. Photoshop & Lino 5.
1997 to 1998 Ernst & Young LLP, 1285 6th Ave Digital Output / Color Adjusting / Doc Prep for printing.
Digital output & color matching Quark, Powerpoint & PhotoShop files in Native & PDF formats.

Bachelor of Science, New York University
Associate of Arts, New York University
Oxford University, Summer Semester
School of Visual Arts

Economics / Politics
Literature / History / Art
Economics / Literature
Currently studying Graphic Design & Video Editing
Certificate in multimedia for the web from New York University and worked as assistant instructor upon completion.
Certificate in HTML design & Internet Technology.
Certificate in digital color output/color theory/fiery training & preparation for printing & Postscripting.